If I could…

If I could…I would like to have all the politicians who say they want to be in politics to help the community or the country, put their money where their mouth is. Literally. I feel that they should be paid a moderate amount of money for their services to us since we get paid a moderate amount of money and get to pay their wages. We even get to pay for their expensive vacations, retreats, and their retirement as well. We get to pay for our retirement as well as theirs. They on the other hand don’t have to contribute to their own retirement. They receive a very good wage for the efforts they put in and are rewarded well with perks and benefits to boot. If they really were concerned with helping the country, reduce their wage in order to reduce the taxes the rest of us have to pay. They should look to conserve money within the great company which employs them in stead of being frivolous with the hard earned money of their constituents. We are extremely lucky to be able to take our family on vacation to Disneyland every once in a while, as well as trying to save for their education, our daily living and hopefully being able to save a little money for retirement. Since most of the politicians started out with good intentions, I imagine that they were simply corrupted by the system. The ones that have been there a while have got their alliances and comrades established, and their life has become so nice they would hate to loose it. The new ones that come in probably WANT to make a difference but find out that you really can’t fight city hall. So they find out that it is easier to give in and reap the benefits of the position that they eventually forget what they were really trying to accomplish to begin with. After all, shouldn’t their first and foremost duty be to what is good and right for ALL MANKIND? That means for the masses, not just the groups or people with money and power, but everyone. If they were really thinking about that and really wanted to have cleaner air, lower fuel prices, less starvation and more compassion, they would work harder towards that. What I’m talking about is instead of trying to find a place to bury the waste and hazardous materials left over from making nuclear energy, think about making the renewable energies which are clean and free. That would be the sun and the wind. Think about what could be accomplished if they merely put their money and energies into developing more resources like solar farms and wind turbine fields. The problem with that is obviously there would be no way to charge for the sun or the wind…so the rich would cease getting richer. Look at the downside to sun and wind power. There is no pollution from it, air or sound. Think about it. Have you ever heard of an instance where someone’s water supply was contaminated or somebody developed cancer from living by a solar or wind farm? I’m sorry those are the pros. The down side is…the rich don’t get richer. Maybe they will have to work their butts off for more like we have to. Can you imagine a car that has the ability to regenerate its power, not only while driving, but while it sits in the parking lot at work? See if you could find the pros & cons.

It creates no air pollution or noise while creating energy with no hazardous/dangerous byproduct which would be a threat of attack or destruction or a concern on where to put it and how to get it there.

It uses renewable resources not limited resources which are controlled and limited.

It would in turn create less of a demand on other generating services which cause pollution as well as other hazards.

It would free us of having to rely on someone somewhere deciding that it should cost more because they suffered a loss from some unfortunate incident. When something bad happens to us, we suffer, not them.

The rich fuel mongers would not be able to limit the supply of the energy that we would receive and charge us more because they wanted to create a shortage to warrant it.

Well I think you get the idea.

If they were really concerned with the good of us all they would institute laws which require companies to strive towards this goal of the common good for all, not just the wealthy. Instead of wasting time worrying about making laws about people not having guns because some people die from them, they should make laws requiring the institution and implementation of energy conservation, and protecting the environment instead of getting on crusades because THEY don’t believe in something. Some laws are just a waste of time. Ban guns? Huh…it didn’t work with alcohol or drugs so give up the idea. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Make it a law that EVERY house and building has at least a solar generating system or a wind powered generator as part of the construction. It won’t be enough to supply all the power they would need, but with enough of the systems in place there would certainly reduce the requirement from the other resources that are presently being used. Hell if they wanted to they could give tax breaks for any kind of improvement toward these types of systems to give companies and people a real incentive to implement them. They like to talk a good game, but when it comes right down to it, can they really play fair? That still remains to be seen. I’m sure the only reason that we haven’t had the advancements in solar and wind generating systems is solely due to the fact that after someone has them in place, they will loose their grip on the wallets of the common folk. This should really be the way they should focus their energies, not with stupid laws. Hell they want to outlaw guns because people die from them. Why aren’t they trying to outlaw automobiles? More people die from them every day than do from guns, even in war. I’ll bet it’s because without cars, the rich people wouldn’t get as rich. Hell Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my gun.

If I could…I would revamp the prison system so it would not be a vacation where the bad guys can go and relax and workout and learn how to be a better crook. If they really lost their rights from their actions and the victims were not forced to watch the injustices which are passed on every day. Ever hear of a criminal getting off on a technicality even though every one knows he is guilty as sin? It happens all the time. One main reason is that we have a system which was designed to protect the innocent, but the shyster lawyers figured out a way to use it to their advantage so they can get the bad guys off and they can get a big payday for it. Other countries have crime, but they don’t have the same prison overcrowding like we do here. And if they do it’s because they don’t put a lot of money into the prisons there. Most all their prisons are so bad that the criminals don’t last long there and the government doesn’t go into debt caring for them. Imagine, if instead of spending $40,000.00 plus per prisoner per year to house, feed and care for the people who didn’t want to play by our society’s rules, we only spent about $6,000.00 per convict. That would certainly reduce the countries debt a little, wouldn’t it? Before you think that that would not be enough to care for them properly, consider the fact that they did not care one bit about you and that is why they are in there. Why do we need to feed them a balanced diet, poor people live on less food than they get. People who go to work and get health insurance don’t even get the quality of care that the bad guys do. This is how I see that the criminals who are convicted fairly should be treated. Instead of spending 6 billion dollars to bury a hazardous material that we really shouldn’t be creating to begin with, we should spend about $200,000.00 building a fenced in system, electrified of course, with 4 guard towers and cameras to keep and eye on them. Then they should have collars like in the movie where if they stray too far from the complex, they explode. That should be some bit of a deterrent. For food, they can eat gruel or maybe the fast food places which throw out food could be contacted and all the perfectly good food could be collected once a day to give to them for their meals. We wouldn’t need all those fancy buildings, put up some shade shelters and let them sleep on the ground. If you make it such a bad environment, they probably would try harder not to return. The existing facilities could be used to house the less serious or non violent types where they could be made to produce something which could be used to improve the environment. The death row types could be offered the opportunity to allow drug testing on themselves to be spared death, so we could better treat the good members of society who don’t do anything wrong to others but seem to come up with the short end of the stick on too many occasions. There should be no reason to pamper the people who don’t care about others.

If I could…I would have it that all Teachers, Doctors & Nurses, Policemen, Firemen and all others that fall in to their category be shown special consideration. When it comes to making everyday purchases as well as the other expenses which occur simply by living your normal life. EG: discounts from all merchants, food stores, clothing, whatever. This should be one of the perks of the job. These people deserve our respect for simply choosing a profession which we should put so much trust in. We trust the teachers with our kids when we send them to school to learn all the things we can’t teach them or don't have time because we have to work to provide for them. We trust if we should happen to come into the care of some one in the medical field that they are looking out for our best interest. We know the Firemen and Policemen risk their lives to protect and save others they don’t even know. So why not show our gratitude. However, the bad ones in any of these honorable professions should be dealt with severely so we can be correct in our faith that we have in them. Too often there is cover-up to protect the wrongdoers from being brought to justice. Largely because of power, money, or influence.

If I could…I would use the fertile land that this country has to produce crops to help feed people. Instead of paying farmers not to produce so they can keep the prices of a particular product up so the profit is increased. I would urge other countries to follow suite to the example that would be set by people having a goal to better humanity rather than to control and conquer it. There really is enough for everyone to have some.

If I could…I would require further development to the oceans and all the area that it covers. We already know there is more room in the ocean than on land. By harvesting the natural products from the ocean and helping to preserve the eco system as it was meant to be, we could further the benefits to mankind. Think about all the products which come from the oceans which are consumed in mass every single day. In some regions more than others. This is all stuff we presently have the abilities and experience to accomplish; all we have to do is try. Instead of spending so much money, time and energy in the development of space exploration and worrying about how to get to the other planets, we should be concerned with what is right in front of us. I’m not saying that our curiosity & obsession with space is a bad thing. Indeed, if it were not for the efforts of the scientist which were struggling to make something like our modern day spacecraft, we wouldn’t have ended up with items which we use on a daily basis. I’m sure you’ve all at one time or another, heard that something you bought contained a space age polymer of some sort. Hell, the Fisher space pen was created out of the need for writing in ink in and atmosphere of Zero gravity. Technology is great. We simply need to put our priorities in order.

If I could…I would revamp the welfare system so the taxpayers would not have to support the worthless lazy rotten blood suckers that are simply taking the assistance that some people REALLY need. Helping out the disabled and infirmed is not a bad idea, but I’m sure you have seen plenty of able body individuals who would rather get money for doing nothing instead of working for minimum wage. These are probably the people who scream the loudest about the immigrants that come here and take their jobs. You mean the jobs that pay minimum wage for doing labor intensive work that they don’t want to do? The free lunch wagon should take off and not return so they are forced to contribute to society instead of merely living off others efforts. If we get rid of a lot of our expenses which are foolish or frivolous we could reduce the national debt.

If I could…I would make it much more difficult for these big corporate exec types that think that their shit don’t stink, to stick it to the regular honest hardworking people. Look at the scandals that go on with these big multimillion dollar execs get caught ripping off people and all they do is loose there job. Well boo hoo for them. They should be forced to live in poverty and all their wealth distributed to needy types of organizations or other uses to benefit the masses. Maybe if they felt they were gambling the whole enchilada on one roll of the dice, they might think twice. I’m not against people earning a lot of money, but you know as well as I do that there is really a lot of greedy rotten people who only think of themselves no matter what the consequences to others. But if they couldn’t get away with it, then I think would it be another story.

These are my thoughts and were not influenced by anything other than my experiences in life. You may not agree with everything I have said, hell you may not agree with ANYTHING I said, but just as I would fight to my death for your right to say what you felt, I wish to be granted that same freedom. I am not against people who are rich or work hard for what they got, I just can’t stand the idea of people taking outrageous advantage of others. And then acting holier than thou. If you are a rich greedy person who by chance was fortunate enough to read this and resent the points I’m trying to make then I feel sorry for you. If you are a rich individual who agrees with some of the ideas I have, then thank you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any subject further, if you so desire. Thank you for the time you have given to read my thoughts.