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My feelings put down for people to read

My lastest paper is in response to the problem with Illegal Immigration, or Undocumented Immigrants for those who think that being PC is better.  It is a form for the  "Registration of Undocumented residents"

My latest paper I call Saving the USA through a Fair Share Initiative.  I'm sure it will be considered controversial by some.

This is the most recent of my writings.  It is some of the same stuff I've written on before with maybe a little more involved.  I call it "Change".  I hope you have the time and inclination to read it.

I have started a blog where I have put a couple of the items that I've written about.  Please feel free to visit the blog and I encourage a response by anyone who has something to say, whether or not you agree with my opinions. Visit my Blog to read more.

This is something I wrote a while back when I was having a fit about the greedy unappreciative people.  I call it If I could

Politicians should have the public trust.  However they need to earn it, not just be granted it by virtue of being able to obtain the position because they spent a lot of money on a campaign and lied to get the job.  They need to have the Public Trust.