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Well here is my latest arrival in my email basket.  I have never really bought into the whole Obama Non Citizen bit.  I figured people just were trying to grasp at straws to get rid of him because he has been so bad for our country with all of the zombies who appear to be brain dead and do his bidding no matter how wacked out the ideas are.  But this one at least LOOKS like it has some credence.  I put it here so you too can see the latest evidence and judge for yourself.  Obama the Kenyan

I got this the other day in my Email basket.  I encourage everyone to read it and pass on a link to it for everyone to read and think about.  I'm sure most of us have forgotten what it was really supposed to be like when our Forefathers came up wit it.  It was written by Charlie Reese and it's called 545 vs 300,000,000

Other People publish or otherwise let their feelings be known and I get them one way or another.  Links to pages I thought were noteworthy are as follows.
Letter sent back to President of GM
Here is one that I received a while back and I must say...I agree with the author.
Letter from Pam Foster

This is a letter that was forwarded to me through email and I can agree with the authors sentiments.  This letter was sent to President Obama and is entitled "You scare me"