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2) Sammi Hammers  Female
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Monday, August 8, 2016 13:58 Host: Send E-mail

Hope your site is a great success.
Do you hope to encourage "We The People" to implement change? - OR - do you see this as merely a "venting" site.
I believe there is a great need for both.
Personally, I'm tired of the daily destruction of America.

Imfedup Send E-mail Wednesday, September 12, 2018 10:49
I certainly hope to encourage the "We the people" as you asked as well as I would love to have debate about this as well. I listen to both sides, it is just that so far I have heard very few people successfully defend their opposition to some of my opinions. I encourgae people to comment on my blogs posts so we can try to have a good conversation. My views are my views. It is heartening to see that I am not the only person who feels like me. My post about the immigration solution in my mind could be beneficial to us all.

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