Author Topic: The world is going NUTS!  (Read 1319 times)


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The world is going NUTS!
« on: February 05, 2017, 09:35:53 PM »
What the heck?  It seems that people are looking for any reason to hate Trump.  Here and abroad.  They haven't given him a chance to be effective.  He has been battled and criticized on a continual basis.  How in the heck do they think he can possibly have an opportunity to succeed if the constantly say he can't.  By this time they were saying how great Obama is to change the world and even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for something that he MIGHT do.  Well we saw what that did. Not only did it diminish the value of a Nobel Peace Prize even more that giving it to Al Gore, but after 8 years we saw that it was unwarranted. He di nothing to do with bringing our country or the world together.  People are saying that Trumps Immigration ban would only serve to make our enemies hate us even more.  I see, they want to kill us, now they want to kill us twice. WTF? It is our governments responsibility to keep us safe, and we have our own citizens, even some who have actually taken an oath to protect us and uphold the Constitution, go as far as complain that Trumps attempts to help keep us safe are wrong.  They have said it time and time again that they intend to insert terrorists into the refugee program to get them over here to kill us.  What the heck is airing on the side of caution a cause for this kind concern.  We already had someone try to apologize for our country trying to help other countries, and they still hated us and wanted to kill us.  The insane thing is they say " There has been no attempt from an outside terrorist trying anything on our soil" as a reason that we should not try to keep it that way. My God people, STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!