Author Topic: Legal or Illegal immigration, how we are effected!  (Read 1168 times)


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Legal or Illegal immigration, how we are effected!
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:23:46 AM »
Our country is in the process of either changing for the good, or changing for the bad. What I mean is, here we have a new President who for the first time I can remember, has openly stated that he intends to change the political scene in Washington.  So therefore, if you are someone who has cultivated relationships with Lobbyists who have been lining your pockets, you will get upset.  Likewise, if you are reliant on getting laws passed that will financially favor you and your income, you will be upset that you will potentially loose your partner who would push your way.  The fact that so much money is involved, it is not surprising that anyone who would rather have the deck stacked in their favor would be gravely concerned.  That is the main reason there is so much resistance on BOTH sides.  Both parties have spent so many years getting entrenched in this atmosphere. Whenever you here someone say that we need people in there who know how Washington works, they are really saying we need to keep this corrupt status quo because they are reaping the rewards.  That is the reason that President Donald Trump has done so well with the common folk. We finally have someone looking out for us.  The whole immigration process is how our enemies have stated and intend to infiltrate with the end goal of destroying our free society.  Look at aht they say.  Think about anybody who is willing to kill you simply because you think differently.  Most of the people who they attack and kill are innocent people.  Few f them are the ones who are trying to kill them, but regular folks who simply want to live their life and be happy.  They only want to rule people and regulate their lives.  Just look at how they treat their women. Look at the kind of acceptance to diversity those people have. They want to destroy us, they have not kept that a secret.  So why should we not be concerned about our country's security?  We must pay extra attention to this threat.  It is not 40 years ago, so don't act like it is. I have seen videos of people climbing the fence on the southern border with a huge pack on their back.  What is in these bails?  50 lbs of Marijuana? 50 lbs of narcotics? 50 lbs of C4 explosive?  I don't know.  But the point is, what if it is 50 lbs of explosive?  How much damage could it do?  How many people could it kill?  Oh yeah, one of the videos I saw there was 2 guys climbing the fence with bails.  So how bad would 100 lbs of explosives in the hand of people who hate our country?
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