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I have written a short paper on how I think a procedure to address the undocumented population
in our great country. We all agree that if we keep on doing what we have been doing, we will
keep on getting what we have been getting. Click on the link to see the process as I see it.

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Who's Looking out for us?

Well there are a few groups that are actually on our side.  If you haven't already been to their sites and joined the forces against evil, then wait no longer, click on their link and sign up to be made aware of the atrocities that are being thrust upon us by the very people that were elected to protect us from people that have become.

www.cagw.org is one of the first groups to look out for the well being of our great country.  They have been report on waste and abuse for years.  Check them out and see what they have to say about the atrocities taking place as we speak.

Grassfire is one group who is keeping an eye on them and letting us know what they are up to.

Taxpayers for Common Sense is another group who does what they can to keep the dishonest officials honest by telling it like it is.