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Do we have a chance?  

    I am beginning to wonder if we have a chance to save our country.  It seems that the people who are out to destroy our great country will stop at nothing to get their way.  They have bought out much of the media so they get to put their spin on things and only provide the information they want us to believe is true. They obviously have influenced enough people to drink the cool aid so they cannot see what is going on.  What other explanation is there for people to say that things are going well in our country and believe the present administration is doing a good job? People are giving millions of dollars to the re-election campaign of someone who is obviously trying to turn our country into the type of country our forefathers escaped from.  The very type of government which caused people to get on boats hundreds of years ago for the opportunity to be free.  If they saw the nanny state that our current leaders have chosen to create I am sure they would be appalled.  They are probably rolling over in their graves right now.  To think all they sacrificed in order to create a free and prosperous society only to be turned into this Government monopoly which burdens its citizenry in over reaching regulations would undoubtedly make them sick.  I'm sure it would even make them revolt.  Which I believe is what the present administration is pushing for.  Because what do we know to be true?  If there is a revolution, other than the peaceful ones we have had so far, the Government would declare Martial Law in order to "Keep the Peace". But what that would really mean is to keep control.  If you think about it, during Martial Law there would be no elections which would then be the birth of a dictator to the Greatest Country there ever was.  Life as we know it would end.  They would take everything from everybody(except those in their close ranks) and then give out what they wanted to give to who they wanted to give it to.  Hence, the Socialist Government controlled regime they are pushing for.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Who's Looking out for us?

Well there are a few groups that are actually on our side.  If you haven't already been to their sites and joined the forces against evil, then wait no longer, click on their link and sign up to be made aware of the atrocities that are being thrust upon us by the very people that were elected to protect us from people that have become.

www.cagw.org is one of the first groups to look out for the well being of our great country.  They have been report on waste and abuse for years.  Check them out and see what they have to say about the atrocities taking place as we speak.

Grassfire.org is one group who is keeping an eye on them and letting us know what they are up to.

Another great group is Taxpayers for common sense.  They keep a watchful eye on the waste going on in the Capitol and let us know what they find.